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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Making Amends

Sooner or later, Americans will be forced to confront the now unavoidable choice between continuing to tolerate criminality in public affairs, and restoring the rule of law; the corrosive effects of a criminalized society are simply too great to further endure. As a people, we will either reconcile our differences sufficiently to reconstitute our social, political, and economic relationships, or we will cease to exist as a civil society.

In order to repair our ruined republic, restitution will have to be made by those whose rapacity has ravaged it. There is simply no other way; the price is just too high. Those who have stolen the public wealth must return it in order for us to make restitution to ourselves, to those these criminals have robbed at home and abroad, and to those who've suffered from their aggression. They must pay it back, all of it, with interest and penalties and jail time.

If they refuse, they must be removed from positions of power and privilege, by force if necessary. As criminals they no longer have any right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; it is time for them to make amends.


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