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Friday, July 21, 2006

Connected Social Autonomy

I recently stumbled across an old friend online whom I hadn't seen in ten years. She's living on an island in the Northwest inhabited by poor artists and artisans, wealthy retirees, and struggling fishermen. Witnessing the exodus of the young and less fortunate from their community, leaving them all less enriched and more lonely, the people of the island decided to pull together toward a more vibrant, connected social autonomy.

They held fundraisers to purchase some land, held workparties to build a group of small homes for those who couldn't otherwise afford a mortgage, and started buying local fish for their restaurant and cafe frequented by seasonal tourists. Their latest project is fixing up an old house for use as a community center where they can hatch more communal ideas on economic development consistent with their values and resources.

Almost makes you want to move there.


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