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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top View

If you propose fundamental change in power distribution by either initiating a collectively beneficial project in your community or by opposing a collectively harmful one, you will undoubtedly meet other people--some you may wish you hadn't. If you're fortunate, you will encounter someone who has an appreciation for what we call the top view, an understanding of the conflict based on investigative research.

The tangible project I'm presently seeking support for is found on our special purpose blog Continuity. In a nutshell, we're trying to establish an opposition research learning center with a distance-learning component that could bring together our protector society recruits for face-to-face conferences as well as online discussions in a structured educational format.

We've been working some of this out through our main weblog Skookum with people whom we've met at conferences or through other weblogs. Some participants in our network have been at this for up to forty years, and have valuable lessons to pass on; creating a digital audio-visual library of discussions and interviews would provide a permanent resource for teaching and mentoring whether or not a brick-and-mortar establishment ever happens.

We've offered hardcover Donor Edition copies of our books online to finance this first step.


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