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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Law and Disorder

Justifiably, there's been a lot of crankiness of late regarding the dissembling of American society under the Obama regime. As noted by Jack Crow,
the dismantling of the welfare state must either proceed at an increasing pace, so that the state can return to direct management of populations through isolation and violence, thus safeguarding the accumulated assets of the ruling class, or it risks collapsing before those same ruling classes can properly corral subject and captive populations into new zones of control, buffer and instability.
But crankiness is only worthwhile if it propels one to do something useful toward subverting the law and disorder of the two-party, single-owner, corporate state. (Writing and discussing are a good first step.)

As a tool of thievery, this state has perfected privatization on behalf of the aristocracy, private equity in this case being the enemy of social welfare. Since the individuals comprising the private equity elite are known, it only makes sense to channel our crankiness in ways that hold them accountable for stealing our livelihoods--ways that force them to return our money.

Given the absolute failure of our government to do this, it befalls us to find ways to protect ourselves.


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