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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Only the Betrayed

The innocent cannot be recruited, only the betrayed. The pious, however, are part of the landscape, and must be taken into account, as they will inevitably endeavor to make matters worse. But while their naivete can lead them astray, they are a relatively minor nuisance compared to the right-wing milieu.

Of course, there are always those career progressives who intentionally sabotage the pro-democracy movement in some kind of perverted sense of social competition, but for the most part do-gooders are merely adults saddled with adolescent fantasies and infantile emotions acted out in the public arena.

Yet, our primary targets are those who have the resources and organization and commitment to closing society down. This, too, happens in daily life as well as politics. Foreclosing discussion, excluding voices that disagree, arresting those who dissent from the agenda of those in power, these are the enemies of democracy. And they are not limited to one party or one political point of view.


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