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Friday, June 13, 2008

Good News Day

Some days the good news just pours in. Today in Ireland, the Irish people demonstrably defeated the neoliberal EU treaty. In the US, the National Congress of American Indians dropped out of its annual meeting with the National Conference of State Legislatures to be held in Maine, due to the state's bad faith relations with the Wabanaki tribes.

As Cobell v Kempthorne enters the final judgment phase, hopefully ending a century of swindling by the US Department of Interior, a new day appears upon us. Turning the tide on corporate colonialism won't happen over night, nor will it be easy, but celebrating victories and recognizing those who have the courage and tenacity to fight back is both a pleasure and an honor.

Hats off to Sinn Fein, NCAI and Blackfeet Nation warrior Elouise Cobell.


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