working together for social inclusion in America

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Hundred Days

If there's a lesson in the much-hyped first hundred days of the Obama Administration, it is that change does not happen by hope; it happens by taking control of our lives. Taking control of our lives does not happen through the ritual of voting; it happens through research, education, organizing, and action by communities protecting themselves from corrupt institutions and corrosive markets. Protecting ourselves from corruption does not happen by suspending our disbelief in charlatans; it happens by becoming politically literate, supporting and joining others in attacking frauds.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Burning Obama

As more and more Americans get burned by Obama's betrayal of democracy, maybe it's time he got burned back. At the rate Obama is selling out working Americans, the only friends he'll be able to count on by summer will be the billionaires that bought him his job. As a gesture of defiance, bring a photo of our new tyrant to your Fourth of July BBQ, and toss it on the fire.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Eyes on the Prize

Attacking the corruption of the two-party collusion that excludes most Americans from sharing in the proceeds of taxation is not enough. The excluded have to organize their own political machinery if they ever expect to get a fair share of what is rightfully theirs. Whatever form this machinery takes, it must have sufficient strength and resources to endure retaliation by the two dominant parties, while at the same time recruiting and nurturing its own organizational leadership.

Until the day a pro-democracy movement has sufficient power to influence the selection of judges and the setting of agendas, American fascists will continue to consolidate their control over US institutions--the main bipartisan project.

At present, the only significant influence outside the bipartisan collusion is the Christian theocracy movement, a subversive coalition that keeps its eyes on the prize--something that progressives have yet to learn.